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,Our "Year Of Faith" choir concert, which took place on November 17th 2012, helped to kick start our next CD. We debuted several new songs in hopes of raising the funds necessary to record. Many people stepped up and contributed to the cause and our efforts are proceeding forward due to their generosity. Below the icon is a list of songs along with their current recording and funding status. Below that is information on how you can still jump in and help out.

Here is the set list of songs performed at the concert along with their current status vis-a-vis recording and fund raising efforts. The "Sound -clip here" icon will take you to our (currently") 5 song montage of completed works.

NYR = Not Yet Recorded
PR = Partially Recorded
R; WE/M = Recorded; Waiting to Edit/Mix
Done! = Done!

Shepherds Haste (R; WE/M) 
Call On The Lord Done!
Water: ADOPTED! Thanks to an anonymous donor: Done! Sound-clip Here)
I Am Always Near: ADOPTED! Thanks to an anonymous donor (Done! Sound-clip Here)
Let Us Be Filled (R;WE/M)
God From God, Light From Light (Done! Sound-clip here)
How Great And Glorious Are You (R; WE/M)
Dwell Within Me: Done! (Sound-clip Here)
Heav’n and Earth are Wed : ADOPTED! Thank you Gene and Jennifer Gleason (Done! Sound-clip Here)
Is There Anything Love Can’t Carry: Done! ADOPTED! Thank you Bob and Wanda Zimmer!
The Sound of One Voice Done!
Be Ever Within (NYR)
Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled: Done! ADOPTED! Thank you Bob and Wanda Zimmer! (Done!)
The Way, The Truth, The Life (R;WE/M)
Irish Blessing (R;WE/M)

You can have a look at the lyrics to all new songs by clicking Here.

Adopt a Song:
You can adopt a song for a $500 donation. In return you will receive a collectible framed copy and your name will be included on the CD liner as the one who made the recording of that particular song possible. I will also see that you receive a copy of the song in Mp3 format within days of its completion, as well as a "Pre-release" copy of the CD.. 

Be a CD Sponsor:
For a donation of $100 you can be a CD Sponsor. In return your name will be included in the liner notes with others who have done likewise. You will also receive a "Pre-release" copy of the CD. 

Anonymous Donor
A ground-swell of smaller donations could be just what it takes to push us past the finish line. We appreciate any and all contributions to the cause!

While the last 2 CDs have had great success in sales and in the publishing world, we have yet to break even on either of them. We have managed to reduce our recording costs by using the school stairway for vocal recording, (Great acoustics!) and the generosity of our own Frank Calabretta, who now records the vocal parts (and many of the instrumental parts) of the new recordings. 

Our primary costs are in post-production. Editing and mixing need to take place in a professional facility. Each song runs between $500-$1000 to edit and mix. This is done at the Mouse-House recording facility in Altadena CA with the great Rich Mouser, who is a Gold record producer and a good friend going back to my teenage years in Colorado. He has engineered/co-produced all of my recordings and he gives me the best deal possible, knowing it's all for a good cause. I am fortunate to get 1st class results on a 3rd class budget thanks to his good spirit and colossal talent.

When the recordings are complete there are additional reproduction costs, but by this stage of the game, we know that these costs can be covered with brisk, early sales.

With a bit more help we have the potential to complete this CD in calendar year 2013. If you'd like to be a part of this effort, please email me at  or catch me (if you can!) at St. Joachim.



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