Saturday, January 16, 2010

Every song has a story to tell. You can dig in more right here if you are a true junkie for poetry, lyric and song background. Songs marked I.F. are from the "I'll Follow" CD. Recordings from the "Psalms and Canticles" CD are as close to the scripture as possible, so David would get most of the credit for that!

Click on the title to view the text and background of each song:

Be Ever Within New! Recording TBA

Dwell Within Me New! Recording click here

God From God, Light From Light New! Recording clickhere

Heaven and Earth Are Wed New! Recording click here

How Great and Glorious Are You New! Recording in progress.

I Am Always Near New! Recording in progress.

Jesus! I.F.

Messiah I.F.

Our Senses Delight New! Recording TBA

The Sound of One Voice New! Recording in progress.


On-line Reviews of Andrew's Work

Two on-line magazines have published the same review of the "I'll Follow" CD in 2010. Just click on each one to see. The first one provides an opportunity for a comment or response, so fire away and say something nice!

AE review clic here
Grapevine review click here


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