Responsorial Psalms

Psalms, Psalms, and more Psalms!!!

Are you still using that booooring, lifeless book of responsorial psalms, lulling your assembly to sleep during Liturgy of the Word, week in and week out? Well, over the years I've created many responsorial psalm settings which liven the place up quite nicely here at St. Joachim in Costa Mesa. They could provide a nice change of pace at your parish as well! Just email me at and let me know which settings interest you. For just $1 per copy I will send you a PDF which you can make copies of according to the number you have purchased.  (Using the "Honor System"; I trust you!)

The psalms in blue have been recorded and you can listen to a short clip by clicking on the title. (More to come!) Those in black print have yet to be professionally recorded, but if you get the jist of my style already, you can trust that these settings will work well. Very little paraphrasing here with many of the settings sticking to the verbatim text of the Roman Missal. Those which needed a bit of paraphrasing were done with great care and no political agenda!

 Responsorial Psalm Settings

Psalm 121     Our Help Is From the Lord
Psalms 110:   You Are A Priest Forever
Psalm 27:      The Lord Is Might and My Salvation
Psalm 98:       All The Ends of the Earth
Psalm 90:       Fill Us With Your Love
Psalm 118:     Give Thanks To the Lord
Psalm 146:     Happy the Poor In Spirit
Psalm 84:       How Lovely Your Dwelling
Psalm 104:     Lord, Send Out Your Spirit
Psalm 24:       Lord, This Is the People
Psalm 71:       My Rock (O Lord, Be My Rock of Safety)
Psalm 119:     Happy Are They Who Follow the Law of the Lord
Psalm 62:       Rest In God Alone, O My Soul
Psalm 19:       Spirit and Life (Your Words, O Lord, Are....)
Psalm 93:       The Lord Is King
Psalm 63:       Thirsting (My Soul Is Thirsting)
Psalm 118:     This Is The Day The Lord Has Made
Psalm 19:       Their Message Goes Out Through All the Earth
Isaiah 60:       Your Light Has Come (Rejoice, O Israel)
Psalm 96:       Give The Lord Glory and Honor
Psalm 8:         How Wonderful Your Name (O Lord, My God...)
Psalm 66:       Let All The Earth Cry Out 
Psalm 145:     The Lord Is Compassionate To All His Creatures
Psalm 23:       The Lord Is My Shepherd


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