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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Water: The CD!!! 

Some of our best stuff ever! Don't miss this CD with 13 superbly written, performed, and recorded songs from Andrew Everson. Sales are off to a brisk start, especially considering how difficult it is these days to market a "CD" in a flurry of on-line alternatives.

Five of these songs are now published by World Library Publications! ("Call On The Lord", "Heaven and Earth Are Wed", "Water", "The Sound of One Voice" and "Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled".

We still believe in the "Album Package" with art-work, credits and all the trappings that should surround a great collection of recordings. A 7 minute montage of clips from the album can be heard by clicking HERE

I’ll Follow (Studio Album)

"I'll Follow" CD sales have surpassed 600 mark! That might just be a "teflon" record according to Billboard standards.

Here was a great review of the "I'll Follow" CD up at a Catholic music website. It's rather short, but flattering none the less, and can be accessed here at Catholic,com . This article allows you to comment on the review, so go on and say something nice!

Recorded between 2007-2009, this collection features 11 original songs by Andrew Everson, 4 of which have been published by OCP and are available now for choirs everywhere.

The manuscripts for “Give Jesus a Dwelling Place”  “He is Risen”and “Good and Faithful Servant” have been selling briskly and several other hot cuts like “Jesus!”, “From the Wood of a Manger” and  have been submitted for publication.

Another song included is “When Angels Sound the Trumpets Call," a collaboration combining the music of Andrew Everson with a vibrant apocalyptic text by Steven Ottomani. Steven was the winner of the 2008 National Pastoral Musicians Hymn writing contest, who also has songs published by OCP, Pepper music and others.

This album, like the one before it was recorded by Jim Monroe, and Rich Mouser, who also mixed and mastered the CD with Andrew Everson. Soloists include Bernadette Kanaly, Cynthia Morehouse, Liza Marmaud, Aileen Penn Briceno, and Andrew. The St. Joachim Music Ministry performs all of the choral works. The instruments are also played by the capable hands of our own St. Joachim musicians.

Click on the name of the song to hear a sample.

Psalms & Canticles (Studio Album)
Recorded from 2003-2005, this is a collection of responsorials for use in the Liturgy of the Word. The settings are all what we call "Andrewisms" which usually means that they will be a bit odd. Many of them are well known texts such as “If Today You Hear His Voice” and “The Lord is My Light," while many others are the more obscure texts (which only come up once every three years) like “You Are A Priest Forever” and “You Are My Inheritance." All are given equally vibrant settings.

It is full of powerful music and is a very prayerful listening experience. The first cut “Canticle of Zechariah” has been published and is available from OCP. Mezzo-soprano Helena Buscema, cantor at St. Monica’s Catholic Church in Santa Monica adds her hauntingly beautiful voice to the mix, while the St. Joachim Music Ministry performs all of the choral works.

Click on the name of the song to hear a sample.

If I’m Alive CD
(A collection of Andrew's Banjo recordings from the mid 80s-the mid 90s
This album features the best of “Banjo in a Briefcase” combined with the new “Southern Cal” recordings. Due to a condition diagnosed as "Focal Dystonia" I was unable to complete the final cuts on my beloved 5 str. Banjo, so they were finished using other instruments in my arsenal like fiddle and guitar. (Please click HERE to learn more about the condition which torpedoed my banjo playing) Packed with energy and passion, this album sets positive minded lyrics to some VERY original music which features the banjo in a  "Bela Fleck" meets "Yes" style. (If you can imagine that!)

The Pizza Song
Those familiar with this recording from the 1980s have officially dubbed this the National Anthem of Pizza. In a “Weird Al” sort of way, Andrew presents the many assets of pizza on the crust of his usually “rockin" banjo. Click The Pizza Song to listen or download a free mp3 copy. 
Dr. Dimento is the only executive of any sort that has expressed any interest in the song, but it’s good for a few chuckles.

The Life of Christ in Song (Live Recording available at St. Joachim Church)

A few of these are still left from a concert which took place in 2002. Though a little rough on the edges, it does capture some of that elusive “live” energy that is hard to get in the studio. The Album features a Marc Robinson rendition of “Prepare Ye” which has become a staple at St. Joachim during the Advent season. Other favorites such as “Glory in the Cross” by Stephen Janco, The Servant Song by Gillard, and the Taize “Jesus Remember Me” highlight moments in the life of Christ.

This album was recorded, mixed and mastered by our own Frank Calabretta and Martin McSweeney and as of now can only be purchased at St. Joachim church.

1. Prepare Ye (Marc A Robinson) 2. God’s Surprise (John Bell and Graham Maule)3. O Sanctisima (Beethoven) (School Choir) 4. I Will Arise (Everson) 5. The Servant Song (Gillard) 6. Were You There/Jesus Remember Me 7. Glory in the Cross (Stephan R. Janco) 8. This Is The Day (William Rovan) 9. Agnus Dei (Michael W. Smith) 10, Revelation (Greyson Warren Brown and Val Parker)

St. Joachim Choir Presents: (Cassette Tape; No longer available) This was the choir in its early stages at St. Joachim. This collection of favorites includes a unique gospel arrangement of Amazing Grace and a few others like “Before the Sun Burned Bright” and “May We Praise You” by the St. Louis Jesuits. It was our first crack at a studio recording which turned out quite well and sold about 400 copies.


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