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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dwell Within Me

My 6th from World Library Publications and my 10th overall. ('Good to be in the double didgets club!) We use this one from Pentecost to the Feast Day of the Holy Trinity as its Trinitarian text invites God's presence to live within us. This is the sixth published song from the 'Water' CD; Do you own this CD? It's packed with good things so please swing by the church office and grab one or go to the CD section of this web-page and order up a few! (Hear our choir perform this one by clicking HERE.)

Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled

My 5th  from World Library Publications! This piece brings the sounds of a Southern Spiritual to our Funeral and Memorial masses here at St. Joachim. These past five songs are all a part of the "Water" CD, so get a copy from the 'Albums' sections of this website! Click HERE to listen to our choir's recording from the "Water" CD. More to come!

The Sound of One Voice

This is my 4th with World Library Publications and 8th in overall publishing. This is also the 4th published song from the "Water" CD, which can be purchased either at St. Joachim or from this website. A quick sound bite can be heard in the album montage HERE at the 4:44 mark. More in the Fall!

My Experience With Meniere's Disease

I have recently been diagnosed with Meniere's Disease which is a disfunction of the middle ear on my left side. The effect thus far has been an appreciable loss of responsiveness in the mid to low range frequencies. I've been through many treatments thus far including inter-ear cortosone injections and a complete MRI to rule out the presence of a tumor. I continue treatment now with a low salt/low sugar diet, a regiment of dietary supplements and a series of experimental drugs, each of which I will try out, one at a time.

If you'd like the full story CLICK HERE

 I appreciate all prayers (or good vibes if that suits you)


"Water" has become the standard setting for the sprinkling rite for masses here at St. Joachim over the past few years. Now it is published by World Library Publications for parishes everywhere! This is the 3rd of 5 songs currently in the pipeline.

Heaven and Earth Are Wed! 

By now this is a standard Christmas carol here at St. Joachim's Church but it is now freshly published for the rest of the world by World Library Publications. 'Here's to selling a boat-load!

Published on

'Call On the Lord' Has Arrived!

... and so have I as a composer for World Library Publications! Here is to hoping for truckloads of sales for this piece and many others!

America The Beautiful

Upon re-reading this article which seems to resurface every 4th of July I feel moved to post it here. 'America the Beautiful' is among the greatest marriages of text and music ever written in the English language. This article tells the unlikely story of how the text met the music. Divine providence? I thinks so! Click here.

A Fresh Batch of Manuscripts

I am now finishing up final editing on five manuscripts which will go 1st to WLP, who has published "Call On The Lord" recently with 4 more to come (see below). I am so glad to have a new home for my music! The new package going out will include "The Sun Never Sets On Your Kingdom", "Dwell Within Me", "From the Wood of a Manger", "I'll Follow", and "Is There Anything Love Can't Carry". 

These have all become standards here at St. Joachim, but some of them have also found their way into other local churches/choirs as well, among them St. Paul the Apostle with Christopher Walker who sees my work regularly at the Southern California Liturgical Composer's Forum.

Wish me luck!

5 More Songs To Be Published!!!

"Call On The Lord" is my personal debut in a series of 5 songs to be published by World Library Publications (See abaove). 5 songs from the "Water" CD have been accepted for publication. They are scheduled to be released as follows: 

3/17: Call On The Lord
8/17: Heaven and Earth Are Wed
11/17: Water!
3/18: The Sound of One Voice
11/18: Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled

'Great to know that our music will have the chance of reaching the greater church in the coming years!

Psalms, Psalms, and more Psalms!!!

Are you still using that booooring, lifeless book of responsorial psalms, lulling your assembly to sleep, week in and week out? Well, over the years I've created many responsorial psalm settings which liven the place up quite well here at St. Joachim in Costa Mesa. They could provide a nice change of pace at your parish as well! I am self publishing these now and making them available here at this website. For a full list of settings CLICK HERE. You can then email me at and order a PDF which I will send you over the net for $1.00 per copy. (Using the "Honor System" for reprint on your end.) 

(2015) Latest CD Release!!! 

Be sure to pick up your copy of our latest CD "Water" at the parish office if you are local, or by hitting the"Paypal" button above if you're an "outa'towner". We'll ship you copies promptly. Our sales thus far are just north of 200 copies. (Doubling that number would sure help balance the books a bit!)

It turned out Spectacular!!! The release concert was a hoot and we posted the performances here at the Choir Website and on my Youtube channel.  (The Choir website seems to be working better than the Youtube option at this time)

Get a quick listen to studio sound-clips from the new album by Clicking here

In addition to celebrating the new CD with a concert we also celebrated my 25th anniversary as Music Director here at St. Joachim Church! I was modestly lampooned with old photos and stories from my baby sister Kathleen that Frank Consoli dug up.

Yes, it was about this time 25 years ago that I packed up my green truck with all things musical and a few things to wear, left Colorado behind and headed for CA. I was after a crazy "banjo" dream, (more here) but God had other plans.

After sending out many resumes I was hired part time at St. Joachim's and my only responsibility was to cover music for the Sunday evening mass. That went pretty well and the job description slowly hemorrhaged into its current form.

I love this work which nicely combines my love of music with my love for the Catholic faith. While following Christ into this avocation meant getting by on a modest income, the personal benefits have been incredible, as are the people who I am privileged to work with in creating music each week. AE

A little BANJO blast from the past:

My professional level banjo playing is a thing of the past due to an overuse injury, but my former band-mate, Barry Thorpe, passed along some rare footage of my banjo antics from early 1990. Click here and you'll see/hear an aspiring Bela Fleck junkie with the band "Shrink-to-Fit".

You must pick up the School Choir CD! (2014) 
At just $10.00 it's a great deal and you will love the performances turned in by our young singers. The production quality on all five songs is second to none. Click Here for sound clips. The songs are: Lean On Me, Give Jesus A Dwelling Place, Ave Verum Corpus, I'll Follow and He Ain't Heavy. You'll be quite blessed in hearing these recordings. (More info on the "Student Choir News" page. (Upper Left)

Latest Publication! (2013)

"Good and Faithful Servant" has been published and is now available from Oregon Catholic Press! Click on title to hear new mix! 

This is our 4th song published by OCP, and the 3rd song from the "I'll Follow" collection to make the publishing cut. "Good and Faithful Servant" has been distributed in OCPs' choral packet #75 making it known and available to choirs everywhere in the English speaking world. Hopefully we will continue to receive good news like this on others works that serve our parish well.

To all who attended our "Adopt-A-Song" concert, thanks for a great evening!!! You really helped make the "Water" CD possible!
If you missed it, YOU MISSED IT!

Hopefully we'll do this again for another CD!

What else is new?

A few new pages up recently for your perusing:
"Poetry, Lyrics and Song Background" will give you just what it says on most of my music. "Andrew's Arsenal" will give any musical instrument junkies more info than most would want to know about the instrumental contents of my garage!

"I'll Follow" CD sales have surpassed 600 mark! That just might be a "teflon" record according to Billboard standards! I believe that sales will more or less stay around there unless and until I can get something more substantial happening in the publishing world.

There is a great review of the "I'll Follow" CD up at a Catholic music website called the Grapevine. Click here to dial it up. It's rather short, but flattering none the less. (Look it up under "A" for Andrew, not "E" for Everson) The same review has also appeared at This article though, allows you to comment on the review, so go on and say something nice! (Update: These articles may be aging their way off of the internet!)

Those interested in joining the ministry this season can contact me at my office number 949-574-7400 ext 413 or email me at

Choir Members Only!!! 
Click here for last Tuesday's rehearsal recordings, as well as other recorded material from the choirs. (Or to review all of our material performed over the last 4 years.) 
Email me if you need password info to log on. (Address just above)


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